Dominican Republic Putas

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Dominican Republic Putas

Imagine flying to the Dominican Republic for an exotic and erotic vacation, but doing that from the convenience of your desktop at home. Picking up crazy and sexy Dominican women in Cabarete and Sosua beach bars, taking them back to your hotel room and having girlfriend sex with them all day and night. Next day, you pay them to leave so you get some rest for a new sensous adventure. All that is reality and Totico's Sex Diary is documenting this crazy and wild lifestyle similar to a scientific project of premature college boys.
When observing media reports abut prostitutes in the Caribbean they are mostly portrait as shabby, worn out drug addicts with ugly faces and trash-can-sized butts. Totico shows it's not like that at all. His pick-ups are hookers, but they are sweet, caring and loving women who enjoy being a tourist's horny girlfriend for a day or two. Dominican Putas make men feel like kings and sex is awesome. Yes, it's just a performance paid for, but it's awesome and entertaining.


Guys have fallen for this and moved to Dominican Republic for good to enjoy this happy life. Sure, the checks are crazy, but who cares about that when your dick ist penetrating most and tight ebony vagina. All you have to think about is to hold back to make the experience last longer. It takes about 10 days of sexercise to assemble sufficient endurance for lasting intercourse that will outtake the women and force them to new orgasmic territory. Sex gets pretty steamy with Dominican hookers when guys are in charge and able to last 40 to 60 minutes including frequent position changes. Basically, it's what guys dream about and for Totico it's everyday's reality.
This website started in September 2012 with 16 extensive POV scenes and nude photos. Many girls offer inviting views and naughty to rude language. Some guys love dirty whores like them. They don't just talk about sex, but perform incredibly well. No need to beg for a blowjob. They deliver oral sex right away. Life can be wonderful.

Dominican Republic Putas

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